DR 18 – Day 2 & 3

It has been a whirlwind couple of days. Since I last wrote we have attended two worship services, packed hundreds of food bags, presented the message that “God Created Light” in our school, joined in two different parades, and had conversations with many, many brothers and sisters in Christ. There is a lot of good that can be said about the last two days, but I will just hit some highlights.
Yesterday was mostly spent in worship. We began our morning joining the small church of Las Cejas. This church is the witness of Jesus in a Batey (village) that desperately needs hope. Despite having very little, all involved had a deep love for their Savior and God. Pastor Gusmane was able to bring God’s word during the service in their own language of Creole. Despite not always knowing what was being said in word or song, it was clear they all had an excited hope that was contagious.
Last night we went to a truly unique service. (It is a service cherished by our returning team members, but definitely a first for me.) Our gracious host, Elza’s church was celebrating the conclusion of their yearly 40 days of prayer and teaching to prepare for God’s direction for the church in the coming year. We arrived in time to join the large parade that weaved all around the streets surrounding their church. Imagine being led through the streets by an 18-wheel trailer full of people and musical instruments worshiping God at a volume that no one could miss. Behind that were a lot of people of all ages joining in the song and dance as they went through their community. I have been told that they were doing this for 1-2 hours before we joined in for the last 30 minutes before the parade led us to the church. From there they took the service inside and continued with song, dance, prayer, and praise to God. I understood even less of this service than in Las Cejas, but it was clear here that they were committed as well.
Today our main task was to present the beginning of our Gospel message for the week at our school at Batey 35. CABC and many others have had a long-standing relationship with this school and it was such a joy to get to see it firsthand. We began at the beginning, in that God created light and created us. With the help of our great team of translators, we were able to lay the groundwork for Wednesday’s lesson on how we broke that light and connection to God and what Jesus did to restore it. Please pray for that important lesson to come in two days. After a downpour of water that necessitated our bus to help take some of the students home, we were blessed to be involved in an impromptu worship service on the bus. As a part of our lesson the students learned and sang “This Little Light of Mine” in Spanish. So, naturally the bus ride was a loud chorus of students singing that song and others along the way.
The time in worship yesterday, combined with the events of today is what I really want to share with you. After most of the students got off the bus we continued singing many song with our team of translators. Some in Spanish, some in English, and at times in both. It was through all these moments of worship that we all saw something profound. Mike Enslen said during this evening’s devotions that there is more that we have in common than we think. We didn’t always understand each other, but we were very aware that we are connected as brothers and sisters through Jesus.
The problems of the Dominican may not be the same as in our context in the United States. We are going to continue reaching out to some of those needs in the coming days. However the biggest problem is the same as anywhere else in our world; there are people who don’t know love of God. No program, no government, no person will be able to completely end the problems our world faces today. However, we do know and believe in the One who will one day return to make all things new. Again from our devos tonight, Mike reminded us we are one team. Not just the 8 of us on the DR mission team, not just those at CABC in the USA, but all of us as a body of Christ together in this world. There is much that divides us, but we are not and should not be alone. As I worship and serve Christ here this week my prayer is for you, my brother or sister reading this, as you serve alongside us where He has placed you this week.
Philippians 2:1-2 (NIV)
“If you have nay encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any fellowship with the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose.”
For tonight,
-Pastor Josh

(I will be updating tomorrow, provided the Wi-Fi holds up.)


Somebody Testify! – Day 11

Growing up in a conservative Baptist church, I can remember a particular elder in my church who always wore a smile on his face and had positive, encouraging words to share. I knew to be prepared if our paths crossed, as he would come right up to me and ask, “What have you learned about Jesus, and what can you share?”

I have to admit, that was challenging for me as a young person. But as the years roll by, as I learn more of God and I see Him in action, I am more aware to thank Him and make it known to others. We are called to testify of the goodness of our Lord.

This has been a reoccurring theme to me lately. Worshiping God in church, we have sang the song “Chain Breaker” (by Zach Williams). The words in the chorus say:

“If you believe it,

If you receive it,

If you can feel it

Somebody testify!

God is writing a story for each one of our lives. We all have so much to thank Him for and share with others. Psalm 66:16 says, “Come and hear all you who fear God, and I will tell you what He has done for my soul.”

Recently at church, we had young people give testimonies as they were baptized. Jeanette Kessler also shared her heartfelt thanks to God, testifying to the opportunity He gave her to observe and work with the family in the DR.

When we hear these testimonies from others, it has an effect on us. It encourages us. It helps our faith to grow stronger. It spreads the Good News of Jesus. It helps people relate to the gospel. It brings glory to God!

I can remember a few years back, Rocky Leib brought a stone to our Sunday School class for an object lesson. The stone just sat there. We read the story of Jesus riding the colt into Jerusalem prior to his crucifixion. The crowds were joyfuly praising God, but the Pharisees were offended and told Jesus to rebuke his disciples. Jesus responded by saying, “I tell you, if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”

After this, Jesus took the place of each one of us as he hung on the cross for our sins. But he was resurrected to his Father in heaven. God has done so much in each one of our lives. Don’t lose the opportunity – SOMEBODY TESTIFY!
– Deb Seibert


DR 18 – Day 1

Day 1

We made it! We had a slight delay on boarding, lines getting off the plane, and a friendly exchange at customs, but otherwise a perfect flight. This was an experience to say the least, but we are officially here in Elza’s home in La Romana. Elza, for those who are not aware of our history here in the DR, is our gracious host and has had a long standing relationship with many individuals from our CABC family plus some. With some amazing, home cooked, food in our bellies we set straight to work unpacking and organizing for the busy week ahead of us.

My thoughts on the trip today come mostly from the journey here. This is my first overseas trip in over 10 years. I have forgotten the beauty that is God’s creation. Seeing the vast land and water while also flying up into the clouds is breathtaking. There is also the good reminder that we are such a small piece of our world. Not insignificant, but much smaller than that we make ourselves out to be sometimes. Our world is a vast place with many different cultures, customs, and languages. Just in the DR airport alone I heard Russian, French, Spanish, & English being spoken. (Or at least that’s what I thought I heard J).

Despite all those differences and the things that could and do keep us apart, I see hope in our world. I am a complete stranger to the people of La Romana but I have a connection with many here. Not because of my position, age, country of origin or anything else; but because of my relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am honored to have met a few of my brothers and sisters in Christ here today, and am even more excited to meet and serve alongside many more in the coming days. I will end my words tonight with a verse from our group devotional time. It’s a good reminder, whether in the DR, USA or anywhere else, that we need to do everything for God so that He gets the glory. We may be small, but His reach is global.

1 Corinthians 10:31 (NIV)
“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

-Pastor Josh

(And for the laugh of the night….yes, the Bible just said do, do!)


Scripture Reading – Day 10

Matthew 5:1-12 (NIV)

Introduction to the Sermon on the Mount

Now when Jesus saw the crowds, he went up on a mountainside and sat down. His disciples came to him,  and he began to teach them.


DR Mission Trip 18

Here it is. We have been planning this trip for months now and Saturday the plane takes off for the Dominican Republic. CABC has been involved with the DR and specifically with the School at Batey 35 for many years now, but this will my first time there and my first oversees mission trip.
So needless to say, there are nerves involved with going to an unknown place. Even in preparation to go, I am feeling the strain of leaving my family for 8 days (especially as my oldest is struggling with being without me for that long). Five out of our team of eight have been to the DR multiple times. I am one of the three newbies to the team this year and with that there is some trepidation, but also some excitement for the new experience.
My goal throughout this trip is to take pictures and write about our experience. For 8 days we will be in the mission field of the DR and I hope to give you a snapshot of the ministry we will be immersed in. Hopefully this will be informative, enjoyable, and inspiring as you continue to serve here at home. We all have a mission field right where God has placed us every day. Join us in letting Jesus’ light shine in our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, and in the DR.
Matthew 5:16 (NIV)
“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”
Check back regularly for updates and feel free to share this blog with anyone who is interested in following along with our journey.


The Whole Story – Day 9

Close to Easter I always make sure I read the four gospels. I remember the first time I did this. After reading these gospels, I sat back in my chair and relived those stories in my mind.

We all think how wonderful God was to give His only son to die for our sins so we can be saved. But have we really thought about what happened at the time before this.

Jesus was temped by Satan. He started preaching, baptizing and healing. People loved listening to him. He had thousands of followers. He chose twelve disciples. He did so much good.

Then I start thinking about his days before his death. Things completely changed. He was betrayed by his disciple Judas for 30 pieces of silver. He was arrested by the priests and teachers of the law. My thoughts change from happiness to sadness.

I placed my thoughts to what he went through for our sins to be forgiven and saved. So many times he was punched, hit, slapped, spit on, made fun of, stripped of his clothing and a crown of thorns shoved on his head. The he was whipped raw to most of his body.

Jesus then stands in front of the priests and people. Pilate asks who will be set free – Jesus, or Barabbas who was a murderer? The people chose Barabbas. Then they wanted Jesus to be crucified.

From all the beating he even had to carry his own cross and they whipped him as he carried it until he collapsed. Even after he was placed on the cross, they mocked him until his death.

I felt the pain of the whipping, the nails being hammered into his hands and feet. Then, as I thought about it, I wondered to myself, “Were any of my ancestors laughing or crying at Jesus those couple of days?” I will never know. I can’t even imagine how God was feeling while this was happening. I know that day that ten thousand angels cried. I’m sue they looked at God hoping He would stop this injustice. He could have stopped it and just wiped everyone out, but He didn’t.

But then I thought and I knew that what had happened, had to happen. God loves us so much that He let His only son go through a horrific death. A death that not one of us could have endure; not even half of his beating could we endure.

I am sorry for what he had to go through, and I know one of those lashes of the whip was for me. But because of all Jesus went through, we are forgiven of our sins, and are saved.

Knowing all this, God is number one in my life always. So as Jesus’s death approaches and we sing praises to him, let us also remember what he went through for us to sing those praises to him.

Prayer: Our dear gracious Father, sometimes we forget parts of the story. Please forgive us for what we forget. Help us to remember that bad things can be made good. Forgive us of our sins each day, for we are not perfect and need you in our lives. Stay always close to us and keep us on that right road to you. And thank you Father for Jesus. In your precious son’s name we pray. Amen.
– Connie Chronister