Mission: To teach the unconditional, redeeming love of Christ to every child according to the will of God
Vision: To deepen each child’s walk with God and to encourage and provide opportunities for
him/her to share the gospel in the community.
Highway Kids
Highway Kids, CABC’s children’s ministry program for children ages 0 to 6th grade, provides opportunities for children to experience the love of Jesus every Sunday through creative teaching and an engaging atmosphere. Through activities, stories, music, drama, crafts, games and Bible lessons children are able to grow in Christ’s likeness. 

God’s Garage

Our children’s area at CABC has been named “God’s Garage” and exhibits the decor of a typical garage. God’s Garage is a place where children come to get fueled up with God’s Word, hide it in their hearts, and live it in their daily lives as they continue to travel through life with God as their mechanic.
We offer the following schedule every Sunday unless otherwise announced for special holidays and occasions.
Worship Service – 9:00AM
Nursery – ages infant through 2 years
Toddlers & Pre-K/K – ages 2 (potty trained) through 5 years
1st – 6th graders – all children in grades 1st through 6th are encouraged to join together in God’s Garage for worship and lessons.
All-Church Sunday School Hour – 10:30AM
Nursery – ages infant through 2 years
Toddlers & Pre-K/K – ages 2 (potty trained) through 5 years
1st – 6th graders – gather in God’s Garage for worship and then dismiss to classrooms:
1st & 2nd grade
3rd & 4th grade (Froggers)
5th & 6th grade (A2J)
At CABC, we always cater our children’s activities and events to support families with children. CABC works to accommodate any special needs that may arise to make sure each child has the opportunity to experience Christ on any given Sunday.

Sunday Morning Check-Ins

All children on Sunday mornings are required to be checked-in by a parent or guardian. Children are assigned to a room based on age or school level and given a sticker with name, randomly-generated code, parent contact info and any allergy or medical notes. Parents receive a sticker with a matching code that is required to be presented upon pick up. Trained volunteers are available every Sunday to check in children and register new families.

Children are required to be checked-in by their parents or guardians each Sunday. This helps ensure the safety and care of each child here at CABC.

Returns Wednesday, September 15 at CABC!
AWANA is our Wednesday night program for children ages 3 through 6th grade.  We work to keep a strong focus on quality learning for each child while engaging them with fun lessons and games throughout the night. We are blessed to have seen several children accept Christ as their personal Lord and Savior during this weekly ministry.
Stay tuned here to see what’s coming up, what’s happening now, and ways to connect!
We are in transition between our Children’s Ministry Director so please reach out to the church office (office@christbac.org) if you have any questions or comments. More details about the job description and opening will be forthcoming.