To teach the unconditional, redeeming love of Christ to every child according to the will of God.
To deepen each child’s walk with God and to encourage and provide opportunities for him/her to share the gospel in the community.

Highway Kids RETURNS!

Our in-person Highway Kids church is back! There will be some changes and new policies for those joining us on Sundays at CABC. Watch the quick video below as Miss Jess will guide you through what to expect. Then fill out the form below to sign up your kiddo(s) before joining us at CABC. This will help make sure that our records are updated and move you through the check in process on Sunday much quicker. 
For those still unable or uncomfortable to join us in person on Sundays, weekly Gospel Project videos and lessons will be available right here for you to follow along and continue to grow Jesus in your heart. 
We love you and miss you all and pray that you would continue to know, seek and feel Jesus’ love and presence in your life wherever you are. And we hope to see you all again soon!
Highway Kids Reopening 

Gospel Project Lesson

Highway Kid’s Lesson Unit 20 Session 4
Jesus calls men to be His followers, His disciples. We are His followers too!
Prayer Challenge: Ask God to make you a fisher of people and a close follower of Jesus so He can teach you how to share the GOOD NEWS!
Sunday Mornings
CABC Highway Kids will meet at 9:00am during the worship service.  Currently there will not be nursery or a Sunday School Hour.  Toddlers age 2 (potty trained) through Kindergarten will meet in the modulars and grades 1-6 will meet in God’s Garage.  Please fill out the information sheet through the link below so your child’s information is updated before your child(ren) plan to join us on Sept 20th.
At CABC, we always cater our Sunday mornings to support families with children. CABC works to accommodate any special needs that may arise to make sure each child has the opportunity to experience Christ on any given Sunday.
Currently Online 
AWANA is our Wednesday night program for children ages 3 through 6th grade.  We work to keep a strong focus on quality learning for each child while engaging them with fun lessons and games throughout the night. We are blessed to have seen several children accept Christ as their personal Lord and Savior during this weekly ministry.
AWANA will be virtual until further notice due to volunteer limitations. Tune in Thursdays to see new lessons for each age group!

Connect with Miss Jess!

We are blessed with a wonderful and dedicated Children’s Ministry Director, Jess Slenker. If you have any questions about any area of our Highway Kids program or want to learn more please feel free to reach out to her any time!