Ministry Spotlight – Finance Committee

After a holiday break, we’re back with more CABC Ministry Spotlights, highlighting the various and diverse ministries found right here at CABC! First up for 2020 is the CABC Finance Committee!

Ministry Spotlight: Finance Committee
Ministry Chair Person(s): Mike Enslen

Now that the holiday season is over and the new year has started, we’re all ready to budget, tighten up our spending, and balance some checkbooks, right?! Well, okay maybe we’re all not that excited about finances in that perspective… but our CABC Finance Committee sure is! (anyone else hear crickets chirping?)

CABC is blessed to have a wonderful Finance Committee dedicated to tackling the big (sometimes stressful, but important) questions and concerns of being stewards of God in regard to monetary matters. The committee holds to the words of Paul in his letter to the Philippians saying, “And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19).”

The committee’s primary purpose is to oversee the financial activities of the church and to maintain its books and financial records. The committee itself is made up of five areas of service: a chairperson to serve as the Church Treasurer, and Elder representative, the on-staff Bookkeeper, the Financial Secretary and anywhere from 2-4 members of the congregation.

The Finance Committee has many important responsibilities (as do all our wonderful ministries) that help keep our financial records organized, secure and honest. Some of those responsibilities include: preparing the annual church budget by consolidating individuals budgets from all staff, committees and ministries within CABC; regularly reviewing the financial condition of the church and providing leadership and the church body as a whole with reports reflecting the health and/or needs currently found; establishing goals and priorities for the Finance Committee itself based on the church’s objectives and long-range plans as defined by the Elder Board; and finally, maintaining insurance policies for the church, ensuring adequate safeguards are in place to control and limit access to the church’s monetary funds, and providing for the audit of the church’s books and financial records every third year.  

Chairman, Mike Enslen, has led this committee for the past six months and is doing a great job (along with his team!) working with all levels of leadership and effectively and openly sharing updates, praises and concerns with the congregation. In his words, “The Finance Committee has an important responsibility, not only to create the operating budget, but to oversee the flow of money into and out of the church throughout the year.  We take this responsibility seriously as we seek to be good stewards with what God has provided CABC to serve the body, the surrounding community, and the world.”
You’re encouraged to join the Semi-Annual Business Meeting coming up at the end of the month (and the Annual Business Meeting at the end of June) for more in-depth updates and details as it pertains to the financial health and goals of the church. The committee is always open to new members to join as well. Feel free to find Mr. Mike Enseln on Sundays (though perhaps not while he’s in the drum cage) to discuss more about this ministry at CABC if you want to know more. 
Tune in next month for another CABC Ministry Spotlight!

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