“They” – Day 30

Matthew 27:31 – “After they had mocked Him, they took the scarlet robe off Him and put His own garments back on Him, and led Him away to crucify Him.”

Sometimes I use the word “they” when referring to another group of people. Much of the time it is an innocent “they” and I don’t put a lot of thought into it. It is a “they” that I am not a part of and just making it known. No big deal. However, sometimes the “they” is a bad group of people (in my mind) and I want to make sure everybody knows, for sure, I AM NOT a part of that particular “they” group.

When we read those passages of Scripture in the gospels about the crucifixion of Jesus, you see a lot of verses which speaks of “they.” In reading Matthew 27, you will find that “they” equates to the Chief Priests and Elders; it equates to the crowds of people shouting “crucify Him!” to Pilate; and finally, it refers to the soldiers who mocked and crucified Jesus.

As we read this story in all four of the gospels, it is always “they” that “mock” and demand the crucifixion of Jesus. I read this account of the crucifixion and often think to myself, “how could “they” do such a thing!” Aren’t you glad you are not a part of a “they” group like that!

What were “they” doing? The gospels tell us that Jesus was mocked with a crown of thorns and the soldiers began to refer to Him as “King of the Jews” even though “they” did not believe it. The “they” crowds wanted to trade the life of Barabbas, a convicted criminal, for the life of Jesus. “They” were mocking Jesus.

Are we any different? We may not make and place a crown of thorns on His head, we may not pull His beard or put a purple robe on Him, but are we guilty of mocking Him in other ways. The word “mock” means “tease or laugh at in a scornful or contemptuous manner:” I don’t do that and I am sure not any (or many) of you do either. But “mock” also means “not authentic or real.” Do we show our authenticity as believers when it is not convenient? When it might be embarrassing? When people might think less of us? To be authentic or real, it must meet the same standard every time. I cannot be one way at Church or with my believing friends and another with my friends who are not followers of Christ. That is mocking Christ. When I do that, I am as much a part of “they” referenced in Scripture as those in the crowds that crucifixion day. I may not be shouting “crucify Him, crucify Him” but I am saying or thinking “ignore Him” or “don’t speak of Him” or something similar.

Thankfully, Jesus said “Father, forgive them for “they” don’t know what “they” are doing.” I am a part of that “they” as well! Thank you Jesus!

Prayer: Jesus, thank you that on the Cross you took care of the sins that “they” and I commit. Father, thank you that, through Jesus’ death on the Cross, you welcome all of us, including “they’s” into your kingdom. May your Spirit work in our lives to eliminate any mockery we might have, especially towards your Son. Amen.


– Herman Crawford