by Pastor Joshua Trojak

Service. As we are focused on that word this year it is a great time to point to the one who gave us the greatest example of service. Obviously, the answer is Jesus. Every part of his life was spent showing us what it looks like to put others above ourselves. So why is it that sometimes we spend more time trying to put ourselves before others?

One reason is our sinful nature. But another is that it is simply hard to do. This call to put others first was never meant to be easy. Jesus knew that. Jesus experienced that. As we take this time during Lent, we have to remember the example we were given in how to do this. In Matt 26:36-46 we see Jesus taking time before his arrest, conviction, and crucifixion to pray to the Father. Three times Jesus prayed for the Father to take this task from Him. But each time Jesus said, “Yet not as I will, but as you will.” (Matt 26:39 NIV)

Are we willing to say “Not our plans, but yours God”? For Jesus’ human nature, this was a task only able to be done with the Father’s help. Serving God and serving others will not be easy. But it is what He has called us to do, and He is not leaving us alone in the task. Let’s lean on Jesus as we serve those around us this Lent season, and in the days to come.

Jesus, help us serve others with the same mindset you served us with. Amen.

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