Practicing Patience and Contentment in the Workplace – Day 13

I recently went through an experience at work that required me to practice patience. And we’re not talking about waiting 2 days for Amazon Prime. This was weeks which turned into months, and some periods toward the end that created some deep concern and worry.

The head of another department in my company sought me out for a new position, one for which I was uniquely qualified. I excitedly went through a process to interview for and learn more about the job and was ready for an offer to come my way at any moment. Only, that’s not the way the process unfolded. Little did I know the company was about to make some significant structural changes and had other plans for me. It seemed that I would likely have a choice to make between the two jobs, but would have to wait a while for the opportunity.

Confused and frustrated I leaned on family and friends to help me process the situation. I had been looking forward to this new position and now had to wait an unknown length of time and was receiving little to no communication from those in charge. But I just wanted to know the outcome. After all, we live in a time where it is the norm to expect immediate results – high download speeds, on-demand entertainment, and the like. In the words of a 3-year-old (or in my case, a 37-year-old): “I want it, and I want it NOW”

I had been coming to the Lord with my concern throughout the process, but it was time to get serious. This is not my plan, it’s His. This is not on my timeline, it’s on His. He is in control and we need to remember that in the moments where impatience gets the best of us. Romans 12:12 tells us “Let your hope keep you joyful, be patient in your troubles, and pray at all times.” Amen! I decided to leave it in His hands and have joy in what I had hoped for the outcome.

After the long wait, I had that opportunity to choose my next path. The choice was an easy one as I knew where God wanted me – but here is where contentment comes in. Some of the details of the new job were not what I had expected, and I was disappointed at first. Yet just two days after I accepted the position, I sat in Sunday service where Pastor Bob told us that we should be counting our blessings instead of airing our complaints. Wow – talk about telling me what I need to hear at exactly the right time!

In everything you do, stay away from complaining and arguing – Phillippians 2:14

If we trust in the Lord and let him carry our worries, we can be patient and content in our circumstances.

Prayer: Heavenly father, I thank you guiding my life and ask that you would keep me humble and gracious in all things. Please give me strength to be patient and wait on your perfect timing. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
– Mike Enslen