On the Way to Today: Lesson Learned from a Model A

Ephesians 2:1-10
A few years ago, after much negotiating, I purchased a 1931 Model A Ford coupe. It spent some 15 years in a warehouse covered up by a canvas tarp. The motor was seized up and would need to be replaced. The Lord had led me to a recently rebuilt motor some months before this. I really enjoyed this “Do It Yourself” project. I bought tools and several books and went to work.
After many days of tugging, prying, fussing and smiling, the day of truth came. Old motor out, rebuilt motor in; now, would it run?
One of the best sounds I can remember was the sound of that motor coming to life. The life for which it was created. I might hasten to add that this sound was only topped by the sounds of that first cry for each of our four daughters.
I tell you this story to reflect on my life in Christ. For many years I was hiding my life and the gifts the Lord has given me under a “canvas”. When I came out from under that “canvas” and began using these gifts that God has given me, I found a new purpose in life: the life that God has intended me to live for Him. I have tried to share this story with all who will listen. The Old is gone and the New is before me and I am living it in the Risen Christ. May God bless you as you share your story with all the Lord brings into your circle of friendship.
Lord, it is my prayer that each one that reads this will be encouraged to share his or her testimony with others. Amen.

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