by Joe Becker
These days, in the early course of our retirement, Vicki and I are instantly made available to the propriety of our grandchildren. No more am I preoccupied with all the time and thought once required of the workplace. We are now blessed to a much better call, and a much greater joy.
Children’s children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children. (Proverbs 17:6)
Recently, while en route to babysit grandchildren,we drove east into the dawn and marveled while watching a splendid sunrise. There it occurred to me that for so long I had turned west in the mornings to the paper mill, only to rush to a time clock and all manner of noise, far too often missing morning devotions. Later that morning I would be led to the context of Isaiah 59:19. How sweet to be given rest from all that, and to revel in the promise of God: to endure for as long as the sun shall rise.
As I considered these things with thanksgiving, there came the familiar sound of Vicki’s cell phone. In a most profound and glorious way, mixed with all wonder, there stepped into our morning an additional blessing. The photograph with text sent to us was from a very dear and faithful friend. It was, of all things, the colorful image of the very same sunrise we were all watching!
The message attached to the photo read:
“Who can deny this majesty so glorious? Be filled, friends, with His Love today.” ~Bonnie
With her benediction of sorts, this all served to affirm me in our like faith and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. May we be renewed each morning with mercy and love.
Psalm 136

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