Mission Moment: D.R. Update

from Savenit Polo, DR School Administrator 
We greet you with great joy and we thank you for your support in our work to help our children and adolescents in education and evangelization. It is work that we do with great love and dedication as part of our earthly ministry. The number of infected is dropping considerably in our country and we thank God for keeping us safe while we are going through these difficult times.
We have been working closely with each of our students in matters of education and also through the services that we offer them. Our presence is continuously in their communities.  For example, the food distributions we do are made in order to help them with their food needs but also as a way to make eye contact and to let them know that we are watching out for them.  We want to continue with the food distribution to help them with their needs.  Those food distributions reach the whole family and bring relief to parents in these difficult times of providing.  We already have permission to reopen our kitchen at school. We longed to cook for our children to provide them with a hot plate of food at least two days a week. Thank God we started at the beginning of the month and last week we had the opportunity to have breakfast with them.
Regarding class attendance, we continue with the modality of two days a week with two different groups. One group on Mondays and another on Wednesdays. The Ministry of Education has informed that we will soon start with the face-to-face modality at least three to four times a week. Thank God we have most of the personal protective equipment to get started.

The truck we use to transport students to school is having a lot of problems lately.  We made a general repair on it four years ago, but we must start thinking about another major repair or the acquisition of another truck.  But we continue to care and make repairs on time so the damages do not get bigger.

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray for some students who have family problems.
2. Pray for provision for many families in need.
3. Pray for students who want to continue studying beyond their high school studies.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support in order to carry out this great work of education and evangelization.


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