Ministry Spotlight – Worship Ministry

As our current sermon series is focused on the different ways of worship, we thought it fitting to give the Ministry Spotlight for February to our own Worship Ministry here at CABC!

Ministry Spotlight: Worship Ministry
Ministry Chair Person(s): Laura Enslen

“Sing the praises of the Lord, you his faithful people; praise His holy name (Psalm 30)” is just one of the many, many scriptures that reference worship & singing found in the Bible. It is also one of the verses that best sums up the work of the Worship Ministry here at CABC. Though it is one of those ministries that you literally can see every Sunday morning, there is a lot that goes into our Worship Ministry that is not necessarily seen or even known.

The purpose of the Worship Ministry here at CABC is to provide opportunities for the congregation to encounter the saving power of Jesus through worship in song  and other creative venues (choirs, special music & instrumentals, dramas, videos & photos and stage décor). This ministry includes our on-staff Worship Director, Laura Enslen, and her amazing team of volunteers who serve as worship leaders, musicians, singers and sound technicians (thank you plug (pun intended) to you all for your commitment and service each week).

Our Worship Ministry does an amazing job each week preparing for Sunday worship and selecting, practicing and leading congregational songs that connect and unite with the sermon theme for the week. But that is just one responsibility of this ministry. Other responsibilities include: preparing for Wednesday Night youth worship – a recently developed aspect of Worship Ministry to help engage youth in the worship leading and participating experience – by selecting, practicing and leading songs that connect with the lesson themes and youth group as a whole; providing worship in song for additional services (Good Friday, Christmas Eve, memorial and wedding) and events (CABC Highway Kids Christmas play) as assigned or requested; and providing opportunities to develop musical talent within the congregation – often through in-house or locally provided worship workshops.

Some of the recent goals of Worship Ministry have resulted in new objectives being introduced that you may have noticed such as: introducing new songs to the congregation one to two times a month through special music, praise choir and the worship team, as well as utilizing praise choir in worship as part of the regular worship team at least once a quarter.  Any one else been enjoying these features?!

We here at CABC are grateful to have such a Christ-centered Worship Ministry and such a lovely vocalist (inside and out) leading us in our time of worship week in and week out. Says Laura Enslen about her love for music, “I think we express our devotion to God in so many beautiful ways, and music has always been a place where I can feel close to Him. Leading our congregation is a wonderful gift to be given, and I’m humbled in how he uses each of us on a Sunday morning. Our team of volunteers are dedicated and talented, and I am so thankful to serve alongside of each one. When we raise our voices together in song, I get a small glimpse of what heaven will look like when we are all gathered around the throne singing praises to our Lord.”

If you have a love for music, whether it’s singing, playing and instrument, or helping enhance audio and visual effects be sure to connect with Laura for a chance to be a part of CABC’s Worship Ministry. You can usually find her on stage on a Sunday morning or connect with her right here!

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