Live in the Victory

by Pastor Josh Trojak

In full disclosure, I am writing this devo the day after the Super Bowl. For many of the Eagles fans in our area, that was a tough ending to a hard-fought game. That is the reality of a big game like this. One team will leave elated, and the other will go home disappointed. I am not here to talk about what side of that game you choose. Some of you might even be asking, what game? No matter what your opinion on this big game was, it brought to light an important reminder for me.

For most of us who are not directly on the field, the outcome does not change our life at all. I remember my team winning the Super Bowl and I also remember them losing. In both cases, when I woke up the next morning my day had to continue on. As I drove my kids to school I watched as life went on as it does most mornings. There were people buying coffee at Dunkin, traffic was slow at the circle due to the bus traffic, many were already in their work day while others were on their way, kids were filing out of buses to start their day of school, and I was on Old Hanover road headed to the church towards the usual weekly tasks.

Most of the big popular things in life don’t ultimately change our future plans. But there is one thing that should cause major change. What Jesus did for us was gigantic and sometimes we treat it like the day after the Super Bowl. We say “that’s cool” and then move on without any change. The gift of grace God gave us through sending His son for us is one that should cause us to live far differently today than we did yesterday. We shouldn’t go back to the status quo of yesterday.

2 Corinthians 5:17
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

The stuff of yesterday may have little impact on your today, but the gift of salvation from Jesus should have all the impact in the world. Live today in light of that victory!

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