Jesus is the Reason – Day 17

As children, we all viewed Easter in a different way. Painting eggs the night before, making cookies and candy. Then go to bed! The Easter Bunny is coming! Get up in the morning with a basket full of candy, then outside we go looking for Easter Bunny eggs. Then a great dinner. But we all grew up and went on our ways.

I have a daughter, and Easter is the same as when I was little.

Then big changes happened. Grandparents started passing away, and then on July 1982, I lost my father at the age of 59. My dad and I were close and when he passed so did a part of myself. He asked me before he died to take care of my mom; she can’t do it alone. I promised I would. The holidays weren’t the same anymore, but we still had mom and that was great.

On January 1996, tragedy fell again and I lost my mother. As I sat in her empty room that evening, I realized I had no one to turn to anymore. I was the high authority now. Then a voice said to me, “You always had high authority.” Then I understood what that voice meant. It was God all along in my life. My life changed from that day.  I started reading the Bible, studying, listening to prophecy seminars and speakers. I learned so much. I missed so much in my life.

My holidays have changed now. Christmas is all about Jesus, not presents and dinner. Easter has changed also. Bunnies don’t lay eggs. Easter is all about Jesus.

I realized how all these holidays have changed. False pagan traditions are taking over everyone’s homes and Jesus is being pushed out the backdoor. We need to bring him back in our homes through the front door. The backdoor is for Satan to be thrown out of.

Having a little fun at the holidays is okay, but we need to make sure our children know that Jesus is the number one reason for the holidays. As said in Matthew 28:20, and be sure of this, “I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

Prayer: Dear father, please help us to bring you back into this world the way you should be. In our schools, businesses, government offices and in our lives. Help us to keep you and your son strong in our hearts. You are the first and the last. Thank you for filling my heart with your words and your love. In Jesus name. Amen.