DR Mission Trip 2020 Update

Hola Church family from the DR!
We cannot believe it is Friday already and we are just touching base with you all back home.It has been an amazing week serving with God’s people here in the Dominican. 
Singing has been a daily occurrence. We’ve learned some new songs in Spanish, we all sung together in Spanish, and we sang together in English. No matter the language, we were worshiping together. Our first bus ride out to Batey 35 school on Tuesday morning, we sang on the bus the whole hour long ride! Kuli and Carlos (two of our translators) play guitar and amazingly matched our pitch and learned new songs during the ride. 
Sunday evening we went to Elsa’s church in the Barrio (Baraca Church) and were welcomed warmly with beautiful worship. Our team had prepared to sing Waymaker in Spanish and guess what song we were welcomed into service with? Waymaker! In both Spanish and English! We sang it anyway later in the service and both times it was amazing to join our voices as one body in Christ.
Three days this week were spent at our school at Batey 35. The second day we shared our lesson on Who I am in Christ? Because of this lesson, 3 children in the 5th grade class accepted Christ as their personal savior! Our team was able to pray with them! 
We have so much more to share! Stay tuned! And check out our the CABC Facebook page for pictures and updates from the team!

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