A Simple Christmas

The first Christmas didn’t have any glitz or glamor. No big wreath or Christmas tree. No presents. No family feast. Just a little wooden manger and the lights of a few candles as decorations. But that first Christmas brought hope. It brought joy and amazement, wonder and curiosity. It brought glory and praise to God. It was so simple, but so profound.

Christmas is not the same this year. But nor should it be. Christmas shouldn’t be just a tradition we carry out every year because the calendar says so. We shouldn’t stress and groan and overwhelm ourselves (and others) with to-do lists, shopping lists, a must-haves. Christmas should be a time each year to pause and remember that God loves us so much that He left His throne, His glory and all His power to become a child that would become a man who was to suffer and die for us – rebellious, faithless, sinners.

So yes, may your Christmas be different this year. May you forget about the shopping list and focus instead on the gift of Christ Jesus. Instead of big parties and gatherings may you seek quiet and calm moments to read His Word and His story. Instead of sharing presents, share God’s hope and love and joy this year with those who need it most.

We pray your Christmas will be simple, but fully filled with God’s never-ending love, peace and hope.
We also invite you to join us for a simple Christmas service at CABC on Friday, December 24. You can learn more about service times and more on our Christmas page