A Father Who Cares About Us

by Deacon Moise Derolus


 “I will be with you, and you will strike down all the Midianites, leaving none alive.”  (Judges 6:16 NIV)

It was my first week after my training as a skipper. Being new to this area as a captain, I spent the day organizing my toolbox and my thoughts at the nautical dock. The next day I was assigned a task to bring food to a catamaran that was around Saona Island. I did not feel prepared for that task. With fear, I went down to the dock to do the regulatory check before leaving. When I was about to leave, someone boarded the boat. It was the chief of the captains. “I’m going with you,” he told me. At that moment, my fear was gone.

We are always confronted with assignments, difficulties, and suffering that is greater than we can handle. “I can’t handle that,” we almost always react. What makes the difference is that God is with us. Over and over again, we hear the voice of God through the Bible saying to the people of Israel: I will be with you. They didn’t need to be stronger or have ability. What mattered was that God was with them. That is what is still important today.
Question: What makes you feel insecure?

Dear Jesus, you are all what we need. Thank you for your presence in our life.

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