Got Questions?
This fall we will be starting a series looking at some of the questions Jesus asked in his life. With that, we would like to extend the invitation for you, as our congregation and community, to ask questions.
  • Do you have questions about specific verses of scripture or a book of the Bible? 
  • How topics in our culture match up to what the Bible says?
  • What a certain belief or church tradition means?
  • Questions about God, the Bible, or life in general?
Remember that it’s okay to ask questions! There is no question too big for God to handle. Questions help us learn and grow in our relationship with Him.
You can submit questions right here using the form provided. This will be confidential, but you can also opt to provide you name if you would like to have more conversations with a pastor or church elder. Prompts will also be posted on social media where you can respond in the comments, direct message or email. Paper copies will be made available at the church as well and can be placed in the box on the welcome center or in the offering plate on a Sunday morning.