Caught on Camera – Day 26

Every Tuesday evening for the past three years, my son, Gage, has a guitar lesson. During the winter months, better known as “Tax Season” in our house, it is my job to take Gage to his lessons.

Last March as I was sitting in a room with a few dozen amplifiers, listening to my son “rock out” to some 70’s or 80’s classic rock. I saw a ten dollar bill lying on the floor. Now, I never had any intention of keeping that money for myself. It was not mine, and someone could have come back looking for it. Before picking it up, I looked across the room and stared straight into a security camera. What if someone looking at the monitors saw me pick up that ten dollar bill? What if I HAD wanted to pick it up and keep it? Someone could have seen me! I thought then, that if there were more security cameras, perhaps people would be less likely to commit crimes or harm others. If there were security cameras strategically placed, perhaps even hidden so people didn’t know where they were, they would be too afraid to make the bad decisions and commit the crimes that we all too often read about or hear about on the news.

And then, like a ton of bricks, I was hit with a realization. We DO have a security camera so to speak; eyes that are always watching, ears that are always listening. Our Heavenly Father. He knows all and sees all and hears all. Isn’t being “caught” by the Lord a far bigger deal than being caught on a video camera, or store security monitor or even by a police officer? It certainly should be.

I picked up the $10 bill and gave it to the people behind the counter at the music store. I don’t know if anyone ever came back looking for it or not, and it doesn’t matter. I did what I hope and pray God would have wanted me to do with it, as I pray that I always do in any situation.

In all that you do, do it as though you are doing it for Christ. He is the ultimate “security camera”. “And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the Father.” Colossians 3:17.
– Crystal Johnson