God Sightings – Day 31

Over twenty years ago, Brian and I were in a small group where we learned about God sightings-when we are sensitive to the Lord being all round if we are just looking, aware, listening and asking to see Him. Those coincidences, those words, the perfect scripture you needed or the line from a worship song on the radio that soothes your soul. I’ve seen many God sightings over the years-some people would think I am silly, but a gorgeous sunrise or new fresh fallen snow, a gentle rain that feels like He is washing away our sins. Finding two twenty dollar bills out in the middle of nowhere when walking with a friend who really needs the money. Meeting a stranger that turns out to be a Christian and speaks to your heart when you need it most. I pray for God sightings.

Little did I know that that many of my God sightings have come from the Junior/ Senior High Sunday School class. I am blown away by the kid’s answers. I feel God speaking through them. I have God sightings that I can share with my believing and non-believing friends that will listen because it comes from the wisdom of teenagers.

I think God is very contemporary. He gets Snapchat and Instagram and the challenging world these teens are faced with. He loves teenagers and so do I. I thought I was too old to relate, but God has shown me He will provide.

When I pose a question they don’t know the answer to, they jump on their phone to get the answer. They understand the power of resources and love to teach each other and me.

When we read scripture, it is often on their phone. So that means that since they have their phone with them all the time, they have the Bible also! One even has an app on his phone to check how many times he has opened the Bible a day and it was a lot more than me!!! So no longer do I feel that technology is an evil, it can be used for good.

Last week we talked about death and how they wanted to be remembered. One said she just hopes she will be remembered. Pretty profound for a Junior in High School! Another said they won’t care because they will be focused on heaven and not care about earth. Out of the mouths of babes.

You may wonder if the future is in good hands. Come back and sit with me on Sunday morning in the Pulse and you might have a God sighting, or at least be a bit in awe. I know that I am. We are all children of God and He is so good.
– Mary Reigart