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Annual Report (2019-2020)
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Covenant Renewal
Bylaws Addendum 
To all covenant members of CABC,
As we prepare for another year of ministry as a congregation, we want to be intentional about our commitment. Our church’s choice of using a yearly covenant renewal card allows each
person to “make his or her choice” by signing and agreeing to these four commitments to Christ’s American Baptist Church:
 Protect the Unity
 Share the Responsibility
 Serve the Ministry
 Support the Testimony
Given current circumstances, you are receiving this letter and renewal card either through the USPS or electronically. It is our prayer that the process of signing your electronic signature will confirm renewal of your covenant membership and commitment to CABC. We pray that your choice to maintain membership with CABC is done with a renewal of energy and a decision of joy.

At the close of one church year, and the beginning of another on July 1, 2020, I ask you to consider the level of involvement God has for you at CABC. If you are a regular attendee, or a former member who did not return a card during a previous year, and have questions regarding membership, please contact an elder, the church office, or me.

It is a joy to serve with you as we seek to be the faithful Body of Christ in this community. We are most effective when we are working together.
Serving with you,
Pastor Todd Witmer
Elders: Herman Crawford, Terry Hess, Troy Johnson, Brian Reigart, Jim St. Ledger, Pastor Joshua Trojak and Pastor Todd Witmer
Hello Church,
Our bylaws require us as a Church to have our annual business meeting the end of June each year. Because of the restrictions imposed and necessitated by COVID-19, it appears that meeting face-to-face within the sanctuary as we normally do will not be possible. When our bylaws were written back in 2004, we never envisioned a situation where meeting together would not be possible. As a result, our bylaws do not provide any alternatives to meeting together. To address this and future situations where we might not be able to meet together (another virus issue, fire, ???, etc), the Elders are submitting an addendum to the bylaws for your approval. The addendum will add a new subparagraph “2.a.” to Article XX, just after the title “Business Meetings” beginning with “The Purpose of the Meetings.” With a new “2.a.”, the new headings of Article XX.2 will read:
a. Purpose of the Meetings.
b. Annual Meeting.
c. Semi-Annual Meeting.
d. Special Meeting.
CABC’s bylaws state that any change to the approved bylaws require a 2/3 affirmative vote of the membership. As such, this change will be voted on at our annual meeting June 28.

If you have questions regarding the addendum (proposed edits listed below), please contact myself (717-916-2984) or Brian Reigart (717-891-7220). Thanks so much.




Herman Crawford
Moderating Elder, CABC  

Proposed Addendum to the
Bylaws of Christ’s American Baptist Church
Article XX.2 (pages 31-32)
(Proposed addendum noted in italics)
2. Business Meetings:
a. Purpose of the Meetings. There are two routinely scheduled business meetings for CABC: the annual meeting and the semi-annual meeting (see 2.b. and 2.c. below). The purpose of the business meetings of CABC (the Church) is for the sharing and exchange of Church related information and making decisions regarding the life of the Church. In the sharing and exchange of information as well as in the decision process, open discussion by the members and attendees of the Church is encouraged and welcomed. Discussion is essential for the free and open exchange of information and for making well informed decisions. However, only members in good standing may vote on issues that come before the Body at these meetings.
1. In order to facilitate open discussion and the free flow of information, all business meetings will be held within the Church building. The meetings within the Church will also provide the benefits of personal interaction and ease of all necessary voting.
2. There may be times when it is simply not possible to conduct business meetings within the Church facility due to unforeseen circumstances yet the membership must be informed and allowed to make necessary decisions regarding the conduct of business within CABC. In these situations, the CABC Elder Board will determine the best way to conduct the required meetings based on the reason(s) for not being able to meet within the Church.
-If possible, the Elder Board should attempt to arrange for the business meeting to be held in another location which would accommodate attendees.
-If it is a situation where we (the membership and attendees) are prohibited from meeting together or the Elders are unable to find a suitable off-campus location, then leadership is required to initiate and conduct electronic meetings. These meetings must be designed and have the capability to allow:
  • Identification of those attending for quorum and voting purposes;
  • The entire Church membership and attendees to participate;
  • Full membership and attendee discussions;
  • Confidential voting when required;
  • Ability to count raised hands for voting purposes.